October 16, 2019
Net-tell LLC is a different and modern type of home telephone service. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you use the same phone and dial numbers the same as you always have; the fact is, Net-Tell, LLC routes calls over the Internet. This is called VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service and it just means they get to provide service at a much lower cost. Instead of plugging the phone into a standard landline, you are plugged into a box attached to your broadband router.

There is no real difference in call quality when using Net-Tell LLC as your home phone service. As soon as everything is set up — and setup is extremely easy — you will use your phone the same way you always have. Not only that, but the service is likely to be even better than you received from the phone company, The only difference is likely to come when you get the bill. In most cases, it will be smaller. Most Net-Tell LLC customers report saving hundreds per year, even though they get a lot more for their money.
November 25, 2016
Getting started with VoIP services offered by Net-Tell LLC is a swift and simple process. Choose between two calling plans, either $19.25 for Basic or $27.99 for Plus, then complete the sign-up form that is easily available via Net-Tell’s website. Following approval, little more is necessary to begin VoIP service other than internet access and hardware -- available from Net-Tell or able to be purchased by self (BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, according to the company). Whether using a previously selected phone number transferred to Net-Tell or a new phone, VoIP service is hooked up and ready to go shortly after approval. The Plus subscription service comes with a 30-day free trial, allowing potential customers to test VoIP before committing to monthly costs.
May 20, 2016
What is VoIP?  The answer is Voice Over IP and it is as simple as it sounds.  Instead of using traditional phone lines, one would run their phone line through an internet connection.  Laptops and PC’s do not even have to be on for the service to work for your phones and it can save you or your business thousands of dollars a year.  Nett-Tell LLC provides Voice Over IP services specially designed to meet your needs whatever they may be.  Remove the cost of traditional phone service in order to reduce your costs and increase efficiency in your budget.